Sunday, February 15 1756

Got up in the morning. Mr Burgess and I came away about 8 o’clock. Called on Mr Scrase; gave his apprentice 6d for setting 6 razors for me. We went down to Mr Verral’s and there we breakfasted. Mr John Lambert, Thomas Baldy, James Lambert Jr and Mr Verral’s son came with us as far as Ringmer Church. We called at Martin’s at Broyle Gate and had 1 pint beer. Came home just as the people came out of church, it being exactly 12 o’clock, and dined at home. Not at church in the afternoon. After churchtime Mr French, Thomas Fuller, Mr Hutson and Halland gardener came in and sat a while with us, as did Mrs Virgoe. All I spent in a manner on my own account I have mentioned; viz., 12d. The remainder of my expenses, as I went on Mrs Virgoe’s account and have nothing for my trouble, I shall charge to her.

The whole expense of what I spent at Lewes on Mrs Virgoe’s account:

Paid Mr Verral                    0.5.0

Ditto John Fuller                 0.8.6

Spent at the Cats                 0.0.6

At the White Horse after supper on Saturday ev’g       0.0.3

Ditto at dinner on Saturday, and after dinner             0.0.10

Ditto on Sunday morning            0.0.3

Ditto gave the maid                0.0.6

Ditto at Martins                  0.0.2

Ditto 1 oz tobacco                 0.0.1½

Spent 6d more                     0.0.6


As I came away in the morning before Mrs Stemp was up, there were several expenses not paid, I think as under: My expenses on Friday night; 1 bowl of punch; and 4 quarts of Dorchester on Saturday; with 1 pint of mild beer and supper Saturday night.

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