Friday, February 20 1756

At home all day. A very sharp frost last night and a great deal of snow remains on the ground. This day Mr Sam Gibbs’s daughter was christened. In the evening John Chesham and Thomas Reeve were both at my house concerning their late brother [in-law] Thomas Thompsett’s affairs, and Reeve sold to Chesham at my house, in the presence of myself, wife, Robert Hook and my servant-maid, all his moiety and claim of that money due from Mr William Rabson of Ticehurst to their late brother Thomas Thompsett at the time of his decease, which they said was in all £5, for the sum of 30/-. Chesham gave to Reeve a note… witnessed by myself and Robert Hook. Reeve at the same time gave to Chesham a receipt for the said note, wherein he acknowledges that the said note when paid is in full for his share of the above debt. The receipt was witnessed both by myself and Robert Hook. Reeve also gave his brother Chesham an order to Mr Rabson for him to receive the same of Mr Rabson, and to acquaint him that Chesham’s receipt shall be his sufficient discharge, dated today and from this place. Lastly Reeve gave his brother Chesham a note to pay to him, or his order on demand, the full value of the ½ part of the watch of the late Mr Thompsett, which Reeve has in possession, and has had ever since the 9th of May last. This note Master Hook and I also attested. At home all day. In the evening read 2 books of Homer’s Odyssey, translated by Pope.

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