Monday, February 16 1756

At home all day; in the morning went down to Mr Porter’s; he was not up. After schooltime I went again to get him to write a letter to Mr Dungate for to beg of Mr Edwards for a longer respite for Mrs Virgoe, which he accordingly did, and we sent the letter by the post. Borrowed of Mrs Virgoe in cash 20.15.0 and gave her my note of hand for the same. In the evening my wife went down to Mr Porter’s with 29.0.8, which…is in full for a banknote…which he gave to my wife. In the evening Thomas Davy here; we played at cribbage; I lost 2½d. I gave him ¾ yards of shalloon for keeping school for me the 27th of January last and for going to Dr Stone’s for me the 10th December last.

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