Saturday, February 28 1756

Paid John Streeter the postman 0.6.11, which with 9d that I paid Mr Beal the postmaster the 22nd January last (which was for 1 pair of creepers I received the 13th December, and which I did pay the postboy for the day he brought them), makes together 0.7.8 and is in full for pattens and clogs that I received by him today from Thomas Freeman, and likewise of all demands due to the said Thomas Freeman.

After dinner I went down to Halland with a pack of salt and received of Mr Coates 2.10.0… After dinner sent my maid to several places to collect in some small debts, but could get none. This day my father Slater sent us a sparerib for a present, and also the volume of plays I lent him the 24th of January. Rec’d a letter from Mr George Verral concerning buying some tallow of Thomas Fuller for him… In the evening, my wife finished reading of Clarissa Harlowe, which I look upon as a very well-written thing though it must be allowed it is too prolix. I think the author keeps up the character of every person in all places, and as to the manner of its ending, I like it better than if it had terminated in more happy consequences.

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