Saturday, March 20 1756

At home all day. We dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner. After dinner I made up my rags and sent them by Francis Smith’s man to Waldron in order to go next week by their team to be left at Forest Row in order to go to Mr Stedwell… Paid Joseph Fuller for a leg of veal…0.2.5½. Wrote out the parish’s and Mr John Vine’s bill. After supper read the 13th book of Homer’s Odyssey, wherein I think the soliloquy which Ulysses makes when he finds the Phaeacians have, in his sleep, left him on shore with all his treasure, and on his native shore of Ithaca (though not known to him), contains a very good lesson of morality, and is as under:

‘Ye gods’, (he cried,) ‘upon what barren coast, …

[lines 242-250 omitted]

Their faith, is mine; the rest belongs to Jove.

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