Thursday, March 18 1756

We had for dinner a piece of pickled pork, light pudding and greens, with the remains of Sunday’s and Monday’s dinners. After dinner walked over to Framfield where I heard of the death of poor William Coyfe, who died the 16th instant about 6:30 in the morning at his brother Thomas’s. He resigned his life with great calmness and resignation to the will of the Supreme Being. After I stayed at Framfield about an hour, my brother Moses and I went down to Mr Peckham’s to advise with him about my mother’s leaving off trade, but he having company, could not get to consult him in the manner I wanted to do. But he has promised me to consider of it and that I shall hear from him again. There were, when we came into Mr Peckham’s, Mr Wharton and Mr Heaver of Uckfield; and soon after came in Francis Gibbs. We stayed and smoked 1 pipe. Mr Heaver went away soon, and Mr Wharton, my brother and myself came away together about 6:15, I coming for Hoathly and they going for Framfield. We left Francis Gibbs there. I called in at Robert Driver’s as I came home to tell him, at the request of Mr Heaver the miller, that he wanted to see him. There was at Master Driver’s Thomas Chatfield. I came to John Jones’s about 7:50, and there being a public vestry for the making a poor book, I went in and found there Jeremiah French, Joseph Fuller, Joseph Burgess, Joseph Durrant, William Piper, John Cayley, Robert Hook and John Watford Jr. But some or most of them being a little in liquor, they could not agree in some of their arguments; so we all broke up about 8:40.

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