Friday, April 2 1756

At home all the forenoon. We dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner. About 3 o’clock I walked over to Framfield carrying with me the clothes I bought yesterday at Mr Madgwick’s. Drank tea with my mother. My brother Moses and Charles Diggens were just come home from Uckfield where they went yesterday to help the Taylors at Uckfield make their mourning for Mrs Moon, the wife of Mr William Moon at Little Horsted, who was buried this day. They were a little in liquor; so I had no further conversation with Charles, but I think the old man looks very odd on me, and Charles is very shy; so I do imagine I shall have my offer rejected. My brother came with me as far as the middle of Eason’s Green. I called in at Master Hook’s as I came home and stayed there near an hour. Came home about 9:10.

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