Saturday, April 10 1756

At home all day. Dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner. My brother and Charles Diggens here in the afternoon. Charles went to Mayfield. My brother stayed with us about 3 hours. I also carried down to Mr Porter’s some shag for a pair of breeches for Mr Porter; stayed there about 1 hour. Paid Thomas Fuller 23½d for 1 neck of veal at 6¾d. Rec’d of Thomas Freeman, by the post, one pair of women’s slinked [calfskin?] pattens. Rec’d of the postmaster 18d, being in full for 2 magazines and 14 buttons which were lost by his late servant. Thomas Davy came in after supper and stayed with us about 2½ hours. He and I looked over Gordon’s Geographical Grammar, and in particular the religions of all nations.

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