Saturday, April 3 1756

Paid John Streeter (for Thomas Freeman) 4/6 in full for 6 pairs of women’s cloth pattens, which I this day received from Freeman by the post. I also paid the post 6d for bringing a parcel from Lewes. Paid Mrs French…1.5.3 in full for what was omitted when we balanced on the 8th of January last (and also in full of all demands to this day). We omitted on the 8th of January as under:

2 loads of wood which I found I had since that time; see 19 March1.0.0
1 gallon peas 0.0.6
Horse keeping0.3.0
3 ½ lbs hops at 6d0.1.9

In the afternoon our maid went over to Framfield witha parcel for Charles Diggens. She stayed all night. We dined on the remains of Thursday’s dinner. In the afternoon Joseph Fuller Sr smoked a pipe with us, as did Joseph Fuller Jr in the evening. At home all day and busy. Heard there were press warrants come to Hastings and Battle.

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