Thursday, April 15 1756

In the morning I balanced accounts with John Jones and received of him 16/- in full to this day (except for 2 nights’ hay for 1 horse).

Jones Dr1.14.3
Per Contra Cr.
I paid him for Mr T. Thompsett, and which I am allowed for0.10.1¼
Do. for 3 bottles of brandy received at several times0.6.0
Do. for Dr Snelling’s horse0.1.6
Paid for hay for my father Slater’s horse and for 2 gallons oats0.0.8
To cash received today0.16.0

At home all day. We dined on a beef putting, piece of pork and greens. Sally Vine, Elizabeth Fuller and Barbara Vine drank tea with us. At church in the morning. The hop duty paid in at Lewes today. In the evening balanced accounts with William Burrage… [Paid him] for 1 day’s work and several jobs 0.1.8.

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