Thursday, April 22 1756

In the morning got up and went down to Mr Porter’s, where I borrowed a bushel and ½ of sea coal. I went forward to Framfield, but called on Mr Peckham as I went along to consult him about going to live at Framfield; he advises me so to do. I called at Mr French’s and paid Sam Virgoe 50/- in full for 1 year’s rent for his house, due at Lady Day last; N.S. I dined with my mother (my family dining on a piece of pork and greens). After dinner my brother and I went to Uckfield, and there I paid Mr Percival Hart 38/4 in full for:

3 pairs breeches1.10.0
10 chamois skins0.8.4

I bought [these] of him today and left [them] to be sent by Francis Smith’s wagon. I also paid 2/- for 2 pair of hedging gloves, which I bought my brother, and I came home by Mr Savage the miller’s to agree with him about Thomas Tester’s debt. They both told me they would have all or none. We came back and drank tea at my mother’s with Mr Thomas Awcock and Mary Gason. My mother paid Mr Awcock her rent in full to the 5th instant, which was 1 year, value 6.15.0. My brother came home with me about 9 o’clock… Mrs Atkins, Mrs Hicks and Mrs Brook drank tea with my wife. My brother stayed all night. N.B.: When I paid Mr Virgoe his rent, there was in presence Mr Calverley, Mrs French and Mr Virgoe’s maid Elizabeth Paris. I paid him 1 36/- piece, 1 piece of 6/9, in half-pence 3d and in silver 7/-.

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