Friday, May 21 1756

In the morning my sister Sally and Molly Dine came over. Molly Dine altered 2 gowns for my wife and took another home to make. About 12 o’clock Charles Nebuchar came in, who also dined with us, as did my sister and Molly Dine, on the remains of yesterday’s dinner. Miss Day and Molly Fuller, with the above that dined with us, drank tea with us. After tea my wife, Miss Day, Mrs Fuller, Molly and Elizabeth Fuller and Frances Cole went for Whitesmith Fair. But as soon as they were gone, I received a letter from my brother Moses to acquaint me that my cousin Charles Hill was at their house and asking that I would come over immediately. I then sent for my wife, who came back directly, they not being got more than ¼ of a mile, and proposed to ride over to Framfield. But I was no sooner astride on my horse than dismounted, he throwing me off in the court, on which I made a resolution never to get on his back again. So my sister and I walked over to Framfield, and Molly Dine walked with us as far as Eason’s Green. Charles Nebuchar set out for Lewes when we did for Framfield.

I got to my mother’s about 7 o’clock where I found Dr Hill. He was to set out tomorrow for Portsmouth in his way directly for Plymouth where he is to go on board of H.M.S. MONARCH, a third-rater, 74 guns, in the capacity of Surgeon’s First Mate. He stayed about 4O minutes after I came in, and my brother and I went to bring him on his way to Little Horsted so far as half across Tealing’s Common. We came back to my mother’s, who lent me her horse to ride home upon, I hurting my hip a little in my fall. Came home about 11 o’clock. This day received of Mrs Akins 1 hind quarter of pork, 17¼ lbs.

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