Friday, May 28 1756

At home all the morning. Paid Mr Samuel Virgoe Sr by Mr Calverley… 8/- in full for 8 weeks rent for the house I taught school in, due the 27th instant, and also in full of all demands to this day. Paid Mr Heaver the miller of Isfield’s man 5/- in full for 1 bushel of oatmeal received today. We dined on the remains of Monday’s and Tuesday’s dinners with the addition of an eel pie cold. After dinner I got Master Durrant’s man to go down to the Broyle along with me to catch my horse which was turned out there. We looked over a great part of the Broyle, but to no purpose, for we could not find him. We called at Mr William Dicker’s and drank 1 mug of great beer, which I paid for. We came home about 7 o’clock. I gave the man 6d for going with me. At home for the rest of the evening. Read Martin’s Magazine for April. Mr Joseph Burgess wanted to see me in my absence.

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