Monday, May 24 1756

In the morning I went up to Mr John Vine Sr’s on an invitation from himself. There I saw two ponds emptied and the fish taken out. Mr Vine, according to his promise on his invitation, made me a present of a brace of fine carp and 9 eels. Came home about 10:45. In my absence Mr and Mrs French were at our house and took up a coat etc. for John. My wife also delivered my horse to Mr Clinch, who paid her 50/-for him as agreed for on Saturday. Mr French and I talked of Tester’s affair, and he desired I would come to the cricketing in the afternoon, where, if any more of the parish were there, he would come to a resolution concerning the affair and agree to something for the support of Tester.

We dined on a loin of pork roasted in the oven. Just as we had dined, the post came along. He ate a piece with us. About 3:25 I went down into the park where our boys played with Framfield and were beaten near 100 runs, there being none of the parishioners there except Mr French, Thomas Fuller and myself; so nothing more was done in Tester’s affair. We came home by Mr French’s, where I stayed about 30 minutes and read the newspaper. Came home about 8:30. Read Torriano’s preparative sermon for the fast on the 6th of Feb. This day Francis Smith brought some goods from Lewes for me. Spent 3d.

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