Wednesday, May 5 1756

At home all day. We dined on the remains of Sunday’s dinner. In the evening went down to Jones’s, there being a public vestry. Spent 2/6 on the parish account, but did not pay for it. There were only Mr French, Joseph Fuller, Peter Adams, Mr Joseph Burgess, Edmund Elphick and myself. We agreed to take an account of Thomas Tester’s goods very soon. We also put out Lucy Braizer to Edmund Elphick at 18d per week so long as the parish shall think proper. Also put Ann Braizer out to Dame Trill to keep at 18d per week, to take either of them away at any time whensoever the parish shall think proper. Came home about 9:30. Found Master Hook and Thomas Davy at our house. I sold them the remains of Mr T. Thompsett’s library for 12/-, which they carried away with them. [They] paid me the 12/-; they stayed till near 12 o’clock. I paid Thomas Davy 20d for the bottle of French brandy borrowed of him the 12th of April. I shall get all the books I saved for myself, together with Tillotson’s works, out of the books bought of the heirs of the late Mr T. Thompsett. I posted some London accounts.

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