Monday, June 28 1756

At home all day. In the morning Master Piper came along with, “I have got a little job I want you to do.” I did it, but the poor old wretch sneaked away without ever offering to pay for paper etc., though all of it together, paper, sealing-wax and thread, amounted to 1d! His business was for me to write a letter to send with his rent and for me to send it by the carrier, which I did. Also wrote a bill and a receipt for land tax to go with it. But for all this, were I only to ask the poor creature to lend me a horse, it would be, “Pho! I’ve ne’er horse. There is Jack Vine has 2 or 3 that do nothing but run the streets.” Not thinking all the time that he had not worked his above a month. Well, God bless him, and so let him go with only this: that he must be very ungrateful or very ignorant.

Paid Jack Streeter 12d for a knife for the gardener at Halland, which I gave him. I also lent John Streeter in cash 0.2.6. My brother came over today and dined with us on a piece of bacon, plum pudding and spinach. I paid my brother the 4.15.2 received of Mr Bachelor on last Saturday. I also sent word to Mr Bachelor that I intended to have his mare at 8.8.0 and he should accordingly send it by Smith on Friday, which mare is to be kept in common between my mother and myself, both to be joint purchasers of the mare. My wife very bad.

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