Saturday, June 26 1756

In the morning received a horse from Francis Smith to go to Hartfield upon. Paid Thomas Cornwell 2/6 for catching my horse the 29th of May last. My brother came over about 12:25. We dined on a cold rabbit pie and rashers of bacon. About 2 o’clock I set out for Hartfield on the mare of Mr Bachelor’s, which my brother rode home upon, and led Francis Smith’s horse. I got to Hartfield about 5 o’clock and found my wife very ill. Rec’d of Mr Bachelor 5.5.0, being the money he sold my mother’s mare for. Out of it I paid him 5/- for selling her, 1/- for money he spent, 4d for a halter and 2/6 for the use of his horse this week; so the money after disbursements received for my mother was 4.15.2. Spent the evening at my father Slater’s.

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