Saturday, June 5 1756

At home all the forenoon. Dined on the remains of Tuesday’s dinner. After dinner I was sent for over to Mrs Virgoe’s, who desired I would go to Lewes that afternoon in order to get her will made, which I did accordingly on Mr Burgess’s mare. But when I came there, I went to Mr George Verral’s to consult him in the affair, who recommended me to Mr Wheeler the attorney and sent for him up to his house. But on Mr Wheeler’s seeing the will of Mrs Virgoe’s husband, he said it was his opinion that Mrs Virgoe could have no right to make a will; so he declined making it. We both stayed and smoked two pipes with Mr Verral. I came home about 12 o’clock. It was about 5 when I went for Lewes. Spent 10d, which I can think but just for Mrs Virgoe to pay me again. This day wrote a letter to my brother William after I had asked Mr Porter’s advice whether he might receive the communion here tomorrow; his answer was in the affirmative if he had been confirmed. Left Mr Virgoe’s will to have counsel on.

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