Friday, July 23 1756

…In the morning Mr French and the keeper drew the pond before our door and made us a present of a brace of carp. Afterwards we went down to the church to take Peter Adams’s bond out of the chest in the church to ask Mr Poole’s advice on it, who is at Mr Porter’s. We went into Jones’s and spent 5d apiece. Dined on a piece of pork and peas with a baked beggar’s pudding. After dinner went down to Mr Porter’s to ask Mr Poole’s opinion on the bond, who says without the order he could do nothing, but we must execute the bond against him. Afterward searched the church chest to find the order but could not. My brother came over in the afternoon and stayed and drank tea with us. In the evening I went up to Mr Piper’s to ask him after the order and found about half of it. Came home about 8:25. I gave my brother the best of the 2 carp.

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