Monday, July 12 1756

At home all the morning and very busy. My brother went home as soon as we had breakfasted. In the morning Mr French and Mr Piper came for the land and window tax books. As Mr French has so often favored me with a horse, I could not expect any gratuity from him. But as to poor old Piper, who never conferred a favor on me, he sneaked away with, “Sir, I thank you,” but forgot either to pay for the paper, which was 2d, or so much as to say he should be glad to have an opportunity that he might have it in his power to serve me as far. Oh, thou black fiend, ingratitude! But what can one expect from a wretch who sets his whole delight in nothing but money and knows not the real use of it farther than it is conducive to the adding of store to store? This day Nicholas Divol and his wife were here. I balanced and received of him in cash 13/9, and there remains 10/- more due to me as under:

Divol Dr.
To sundries at several times1.18.9
Per Contra Cr
To carriage of 20 cwt of goods from Lewes0.15.0
Rec’d as above0.13.9
remainder due0.10.0

Dame Divol drank tea at our house. About 5 o’clock my brother came over to inform me Mr Rideout was over at Framfield. Accordingly I got up behind my brother and rode over to Framfield in order to ask his advice about the shop at Cuckfield. But when we came to Framfield, Mr Rideout was gone home. I stayed there about 2 hours and came home about 9 o’clock. This day we dined on a piece of pork and carrots. Paid for a chick 6d.

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