Monday, July 5 1756

In the morning I was called up about 5:25 by Master Mugridge to inform me he had some wheat to dispose of, and I agreed for Sinden to look on it. About 5:50 I set out for Framfield on foot, but met my brother about the London Gate with a horse. I got on horseback and went and breakfasted at Framfield. After breakfast we set out for Cuckfield in order to treat with Mr Hesman concerning hiring of his shop. We arrived at Cuckfield about 11 o’clock where we treated with Mr Hesman and saw his stock. He agreed to leave it immediately by appraisement or to cry a sale and keep on till St Michael and then leave it by appraisement. But we agreed to consult within ourselves and let him know our minds in about 14 days’ time. We dined at the King’s Head on veal cutlets. We just called on Mr Joseph Hill, and from Cuckfield we went to a fair at St Joan’s Common. From thence we came to Chailey and drank tea (meeting with Mr Beard a-coming from the fair by accident). We came together as far as Uckfield where we parted, my brother going to Framfield, and I came home about 10:30. I spent about 4/6. This day I received of my mother 4.4.0 for her half part of the mare bought between us, my family at home dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner.

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