Saturday, July 10 1756

At home all the morning. Mr French and I went with Gilbert the bell-hanger up in the steeple to see what was the matter with the great bell. We found the gudgeon broken. We accordingly agreed to give him for mending it 7/6 and to pay Joseph Durrant for his work besides. It must ensue as 4 natural consequence for Mr French to go into Jones’s, which we did. We spent 5d and had most of the liquor to himself…

My brother came to call me to go to Tunbridge Wells. Accordingly about 4:30 we set out, he upon Mr French’s little horse and I upon my own. We called at, my aunt Ovendean’s at Boarshead and stayed about 30 minutes. We got to my brother’s at the Wells about 7:30 and stayed and chatted with my brother until past ten, when we adjourned to the Angel and stayed there. We broke up past 2, but all very sober. We should not have stayed so late had it not been for a little diversion we were partakers of, occasioned by some words happening between the gentleman of the house and his barkeeper, or whore, or, I am pretty well assured, both. But what a surprising thing it is to think a man should suffer himself to be used in such a manner by an almost common jilt. My brother paid the whole reckoning. Moses and I lay at the Angel and Crown. I bought of Mr Edmund Baker the 1st volume of The Tatler for T. Davy, which cost me 18d, and also Ainsworth’s Dictionary for Mr Francis Elless, which cost me 12/-.

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