Saturday, July 31 1756

Mr French and I in the morning, hearing that Richard Hope’s servant was with child, went up and talked to her about it, and also to her master and mistress concerning her being a parishioner by living in their service. To the first the poor ignorant creature answered she hoped she was not with child, though ’twas true, she said, she had deserved for it more than once or twice. But however I am very doubtful there is reason to suspect she is with child.

We then talked to her mistress (her master not being at home) about her settlement, who says they agreed with her from about July the first, 1755 to new Lady Day, 1756 after the rate of 35/- per year. At the expiration of this time they agreed with her from Lady Day, 1756 to Lady Day, 1757 after the rate of 30/- per year. As we came home, we met with Richard Hope, who confirmed all his wife had told us before.

About 12 o’clock Mr French and I went to Lewes in order to meet Peter Adams according to his summons, but he never came, and the justices John Bridger and William Poole told us the order was made invalid by accepting of his bond and we must sue him on the bond at common law. Mr Verral, Mr Plumer and Mr Aldersey told us the same, the last of whom wrote us a letter to Peter Adams. We also asked of their worships (as Mr French called them) concerning where the poor girl belonged; they all assured us to our parish.

Mr French and I dined at the White Hart on a piece of boiled beef and greens, a breast of veal roasted and a butter pudding cake. I balanced accounts with Mr T. Scrase as under and paid him 2/3 in full:

Myself Dr.
2 wigs2.2.0
To a wager lost0.3.0
To 2 lbs ran thread, paid for but never had0.2.0
Per Contra Cr.
To sundry goods at several times1.14.9
To 1 old wig0.10.0
Today in cash0.2.3

I drank tea at Mr Davy’s and came home about 9 o’clock, but not quite sober. Spent 3/6, all on the parish account… Paid Mr Aldersey for writing the letter, Paid Mr Davy 18d for pills for my wife. Paid John Lambert 12/- for flax and hemp bought for my mother.

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