Sunday, July 11 1756

In the morning my brother and I got up and took a ride about mile on the Tunbridge road when he went to Thomas Coyfe’s and I returned back to the Wells and breakfasted with my brother. After breakfast my brother and I took a walk out in the fields to see his ponds. I came back and dined at my brother’s on a roasted shoulder of veal, a piece of bacon, cabbage and bread pudding.

After dinner, as my brother and I were taking a walk, we met with Mr Hargrave, who had us to the Angel and treated us with a bottle of wine and 1 pint of porter and 1 pint of mild beer. As we sat a-drinking, my brother came back to us from T. Coyfe’s. We drank tea at my brother’s and set out for home about 6:30. I brought my brother’s son in my lap as far as my mother’s. We called at my aunt Ovendean’s, but did not stay, neither to get off nor to drink. I came around by Framfield on account of my wife’s being there, for she and T. Davy walked over to Framfield in the morning and went to church there in the morning and dined with my mother. I stayed there no longer than putting the pillion on my horse. We left the little boy at Framfield and came home about 10:30, my brother coming along with us to lead the horse back again. My brother stayed with us all night… We spent about 2/1 apiece as under:

For horse’s hay and Oats0.2.0
To the ostler0.0.6
To the chambermaid0.0.6
To the boot-cleaner0.0.2
1 pint wine0.1.0
0.4.2 half of which is 0.2.1.

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