Sunday, July 18 1756

My wife and I at church in the morning… Bett Fuller dined with us on a piece of bacon and pork with green peas, a venison pie and batter pudding. After dinner our maid went over to Framfield. My wife and I at church in the afternoon… After churchtime my wife and I went up to Mr Joseph Burgess’s and drank tea there and stayed till between 9 and 10. But I think I never saw children humored more to their ruin than theirs, Mrs Virgoe’s excepted. I this day heard of the loss of Fort St Philip and the whole Island of Minorca after being possessed by the English nation 47 years and after being defended 10 weeks and 1 day (to wit, from the 18th of April to the 28th of June) by that truly brave and heroic man General Blakeney. At last he was obliged to surrender for want of provision and ammunition. No man, I think, can deserve a brighter character in the annals of fame than this. But, oh, he was, as one may justly say, abandoned by his country, who never sent him any succor! Never did the English nation suffer a greater blot than in this affair, nor, I doubt, a greater blow. Oh, my country, my country! Oh, Albion, Albion! I doubt thou art tottering on the brink of ruin and desolation.

This day Thomas Roase and Catherine Clarke were out asked.

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