Thursday, July 22 1756

In the morning Master Elphick and his son John brought over my hay. Thomas Davy assisted us in getting of it into the hay-loft. Master Elphick, his son and the postman breakfasted with us. I gave Master Elphick 4/- for bringing over the hay… After dinner Mr Thawyer came in, who ate some cold peas… About 4 o’clock I went down to Joseph Fuller’s and balanced accounts with him and received of him 8/- in full… I stayed and drank tea at Mr Fuller’s, but was sent for home to Mr John Bulcock, Messrs Thomas and Joseph Masfen’s rider, to whom I paid 4.17.0 in full on account of Messrs T. and J. Masfen to this day.

After Mr Bulcock went away, Mr F. Elless and I walked down to the Nursery. My business was to get some money of Edmund Elphick, but could not. Never, never was money so scarce as now. We came home about 8 o’clock. As we went along, we laid 1 lb of gingerbread concerning the length of the church field footway. I laid it was 38 rods, and he that it was not. So accordingly as we came home, we measured it and found it to be 39 rods and 3 feet; so I won this great but innocent wager, a far more prudent one than had it been £100. This day Mr Porter’s daughter was baptized, by the name of Elizabeth

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