Monday, August 2 1756

At home all the morning. Wrote my London letters. Drew on Messrs Margesson and Collison for £10 payable to Mr John Crouch or order… Also advised Dawson of my drawing on him. Dame Vinal a-washing, ½ the day for us. She dined with us on a piece of bacon and beans. After dinner went over to Framfield in order to meet Mr John Collison. Called as I went at Mr Peckham’s and bought his wool at 7½d per lb for my mother. Drank tea at my mother’s in company with cousin Elizabeth Langridge (that was) and the wife of cousin Samuel Langridge. About 8 o’clock Mr Collison came along, but wet to the skin; so he did not get off his horse, but appointed to lie at my house tomorrow night. My brother came home behind me, stayed supper and rode my horse back. Rec’d of my mother the 12/- paid Lambert on Saturday.

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