Saturday, August 7 1756

At home all the morning. My brother dined at our house on beans and pork. After dinner he and I set out for Lewes, both on one horse. My business was to borrow £40 of Mr Rideout on my mother’s account, but could not. Drank tea at Mr Hook’s. I was in company with my uncle Hill at the White Horse where he informed me that Mr George Beard and his wife intended to come and dine with me tomorrow. As Mr Hill, Mr John Fuller, Mr Atkins and myself sat a-drinking, Mr Hill and John Fuller laid the following bet: provided John Fuller is not married before Xmas next, he is to give Mr Hill a fore-quarter of beef weighing 20 stone. And if he is married before Xmas next, then Mr Hill is to give Mr Fuller £4 [twice the price] for a fore-quarter of beef of 20 stone. I called on Mr Hutchins, William Ditch and T. Peckham for some money, but could not get a farthing. Spent 10½ for horse, turnpike and all. Came home about 9 o’clock.

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