Friday, August 20 1756

This day paid John Cayley in money… and in goods… 4/- in full for 1 year’s rent for Mrs Browne’s stable, due about the 1st instant. I received of John Cayley 1 bill on Weeks, value: 6.4.0…for which I gave him my note of hand… This day we dined on a plum baked batter pudding and some bread sopped.

Oh, how dull is trade, and how very scarce is money! Never did I know so bad a time before. To think how much I have due to me and cannot get in! What shall I do? Work I cannot, and honest I always will be if the Almighty will give me grace. I that used at this time of year to take £15 or £20 a week, and sometimes £25 or £30, now seldom take above £5 or £10. To what can I attribute this loss in trade? I sell my goods as cheap as I ever did and buy them as well, so far as I can judge; and my design is to use my customers with as good manners as I ever did. I do my utmost endeavor, so far as I know to do it, but trade in all places, and more particularly in a country place, is very precarious. For I observe trade has declined ever since I have been married, but why I know not.

At home all day…Charles Diggens drank tea with us. In the evening read the 40th of Tillotson’s sermons; the text, 25th verse, 73rd Psalm: “Whom have I in heaven but thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire beside thee.” Excellent words and a fine sermon. This day the King’s Plate was run for on Lewes Downs when only Mr Martindale’s horse Adolphus started for the same. Afterwards there were several hacks started for a saddle.

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