Monday, August 30 1756

In the morning sent my maid up to Thomas Fuller’s to borrow his horse to go to Mayfield upon. He accordingly lent me one. About 8:30 Joseph Fuller came and called me by agreement, and we went to Mr Porter’s to ask his opinion whether we should pay Tester’s debt to Savage or not. He gave it as his opinion that it would be best for the parish to pay it and that they were highly to blame not to have paid it before. From Mr Porter’s we went to Mr Coates’s also to ask his advice, which was just the same as Mr Porter’s, with this addition; -viz., to call a vestry on Sunday and to register every person’s name that assents to it or that dissents from it.

About 11:20 Thomas Fuller and I set out in order to see a cricket match at Mayfield; viz., Mayfield against the county (or the pretended county), but there was not time to play it out. The county got the first innings 52, and Mayfield headed them 18. Then with 4 of the county out in the 2nd innings, they got that 18, and 14 ahead of Mayfield when they left off. I won 6d and spent 12d. We came home to Thomas Fuller’s about 10 o’clock, sober. But before I could get home I was a little high, which proceeded from what I drank there. We dined at Mr Porter’s on what came out of the parlor (they having almost dined there before we came in); viz., the remains of a leg of mutton boiled, a shoulder of venison roasted, a fine plum pudding, carrots, turnips etc… My brother Richard came over in the morning and breakfasted with me…

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