Saturday, August 14 1756

In the morning took up Mr French’s coat and waistcoat. Fanny Weller being here to help my wife sew an hour or two, she and her mother breakfasted with us. Paid James Fieldcox of Battle 1.2.6 in full for the goods this day received from him as under:

2 doz Women’s pattens0.18.0
1 doz do. clogs0.4.6

Fanny Weller dined with us on a piece of bacon, carrots and some cauliflowers, with a fine trout which was given us this day by Thomas Davy. This day received of John Streeter the 10/6 I lent him the 24th of July. About 3 o’clock my brother Moses came over to stand the shop for me whilst my wife and I went to the Wells. Accordingly about 3:05 my wife and I set out for Tunbridge Wells in company with Thomas Davy. We called at my Aunt Ovendean’s at Boarshead and stayed about 30 minutes. We got to the Wells about 6:50. We drank tea at my brother’s and then took a walk about the Wells. Saw Edward Smith. My wife lodged at my brother’s and I and T. Davy at the Angel. We went to bed about 11 o’clock. My brother stayed all night. Rec’d by Streeter the certificate sent by him on Thursday, which is signed by J. Bridger and T. Fuller.

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