Sunday, August 15 1756

In the morning we got up about 5 o’clock and breakfasted at my brother’s. And then my wife, Sally, T. Davy and myself set out for the [Methodist] camp on Cox Heath where we arrived about 11 o’clock, just as they were all got to their devotions; to wit, 12 congregations and 1000 in each congregation. They seemed to be very attentive at their devotion, and the minister seemed to have a fine delivery. I think the camp as fine a sight as I ever saw. We went from the camp to Maidstone where we dined at the Bird-in-hand, together with many more, on a piece of fine boiled beef, carrots and cabbage and a fore-quarter of lamb roasted and French beans. We stayed till about 3 o’clock, came home by the camp and got to the Wells about 9 o’clock. Supped and spent the evening at my brother’s, as did Edward Smith. My brother Moses went home in the morning…

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