Thursday, August 26 1756

[ first part of entry not trascribed]

on a shoulder of lamb roasted and French beans (my family at home dining on a heart pudding with the lamb’s head bought yesterday and the lights etc. minced). After dinner my brother and I went up to Master Diggens’s to take leave of Samuel, who was tomorrow to set out again for his residence at Newport Pagnell in Bucks. Mr Diggens bought this day of Mr William Stone the house where Edward Wood now lives and was accordingly admitted to it by a private court held at their house this day. There was Mr Stone (alias ”romancing Stone”), Mr Peckham, Mr Durrant, Mr Rowles, the steward and beadle of the court. We came back to my mother’s about 7 o’clock, and my brother and I came riding home about 9 o’clock. My brother stayed all night. My mother made me a present of a fine parcel of French beans, which my brother and I brought home with us.

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