Monday, September 13 1756

At home all the morning. About 11:30 I went to Mayfield in order to see a cricket match; viz., Lindfield against Mayfield. When I came to Mayfield, there were four of Lindfield out, but Lindfield got 52 runs the first innings and Mayfield 48, which made Lindfield 4 ahead. Lindfield got 31 the second innings, which made them 35 ahead of Mayfield, who went in and got them with only one wicket up. I came home about 6:50. I paid for the standing of my horse 2d, which was all I spent, for I neither ate nor drank while I was gone, nor nothing before I went but dry breed and cocoa, tea and some coffee mixed. I this day wrote a letter for Mr French to Swainstone & Co. with 2 pockets of hops, and also another for Joseph Durrant to Tomlin with 1 pocket of hops. My family dined at home on a piece of pork and cauliflower. My opinion concerning the game was that Lindfield kept the field best and batted best in general, but could not bowl. And what is remarkable, they were all tradesmen, and but one above 25 years of age, and I think eleven of very civil men.

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