Monday, September 27 1756

In the morning my brother came over for my mother’s salt sacks and breakfasted with us, he being a-going to Lewes. This day balanced accounts with Francis Smith and paid him…in full for money he has paid in London for me…[including] 25 Sept. to Messrs Barlow and Wigginton for the 1/16 shares of the 2 lottery tickets they bought for me,1.12.0. By examination I find I have made a mistake of 20/- to my prejudice, and which I have made Francis Smith Dr. for in the post book. This day wrote a letter to Bancroft and Nixon for Thomas Fuller, another for John Mugridge to Tomlin, with hops, and another to Swainstone and Hedges, with hops, for Mr French. Just before dinner my father and mother Slater, Mrs Elliot and son came in and dined with us on the remains of yesterday’s dinner. Soon after dinner Mrs Elliot and her son went for Hailsham, and I, out of complaisance to my father Slater, walked with him to Eason’s Green to see a cricket match; viz., Lindfield against Framfield and Maresfield, which was not played out, but was like to be won with great ease by Lindfield, they most of ‘em running out designedly, or striking up their wickets in the 2nd innings. Came home about 7 o’clock and spent the evening at my house. Paid John Streeter 3d for 1 oz spinach seed…

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