Saturday, September 18 1756

At home all day. My brother came over about 10 o’clock for some rolls, and as he heard by Smith’s man, being at our house, that my mother had some come, he stayed and went to Smith for to know if he knew anything of my wool. His answer was he did not. We dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner with the addition of some pear pie and a cucumber. My brother came back about 5 o’clock. This day Richard Page brought me from Lewes 13 sacks of salt etc…. Marked up part of the parcel that came today from Messrs Barlow and Wigginton… Rec’d from Barlow and Wigginton 1/16th part of 2 lottery tickets which they bought for me, and for which I am to send them 32/- (16/- for each 16th share). In the evening T. Davy brought a pair of shoes for my nephew, and stayed and supped with us. I read to him the 47th of Tillotson’s sermons. Very busy all day.

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