Tuesday, September 28 1756

Paid Joseph Fuller 13½d for a shoulder of lamb received today and also 6/- for 9 lbs of hops received today. My brother came over in the morning. I paid him in cash 1.3.0 for rolls which he bought and paid for me at Lewes yesterday, as also 18d for 6 brushes that he bought for me. My brother did not stay, but he carried home Mrs Elizabeth Hicks behind him.

About 10 o’clock my father Slater and I set out for Lewes (I having no business but to accompany him) where we arrived about 12. I called on Mr Hook, Mr Snelling, Thomas Scrase, Mrs Roase, and dined at Mr John Madgwick’s about 5 o’clock on some cold roast beef… Paid Mr Joseph Attersall 2.12.0 in full and bought of him 3½ yds jack chain, which cost me 12d. We came home about 9 o’clock. I spent 2d, my father Slater paying all the other expenses. He also gave me a pair of spurs, value 20d. Mr Madgwick came with us as far as the Broyle.

This day paid my father Slater… 8.8.0, being in full for the mare I bought of Mr Bachelor, and which he paid for… My family and my mother Slater dined on a roast shoulder of lamb and the remains of Sunday’s dinner.

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