Monday, October 11 1756

In the morning my brother brought our horse over, which I had engaged to lend Master Weller, though I could very ill spare it, but as Master Weller is so civil as to let me have the use of his cellar I could do no less in gratitude than oblige him with the use of my horse… Mr Piper breakfasted with us, as did my brother. After breakfast borrowed a horse of Joseph Fuller to ride to Lewes upon to have my temple dressed. I got there about 12 o’clock, where I found Mr John Snelling in bed; he arose and dressed my temple with a pea in the same nature as an issue, and did, in a manner, ask me to dine with him, but his behavior was such as gave my imperious temper disgust, so I did not dine with him, but went and spent an hour or two at the White Horse with Mr Tucker. I came home about 6 o’clock, and, with eating nothing all day and drinking but little, yet I was somewhat in liquor. My brother stayed at my house until I came back, and dined with my family on the remains of yesterday’s dinner. My wife in my absence paid John Streeter 10d for 1 pair pattens received this day by him from Thomas Freeman. Spent in my whole journey 22d.

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