Monday, October 4 1756

This day Thomas Roase and Catharine Clarke were married at our church and are, I believe, an old maid and an old bachelor. Paid John Streeter the post 2/- for the watch I received from him for Driver… Dame Vinal a-washing half the day for us. Paid Dame Trill 8/-; viz., 3/- in full for keeping Ann Braizer, due today, and 5/- for their monthly pay, due yesterday, Mr French paying all the other poor for me yesterday, which I am indebted to him for as under:

To Edward Babcock0.4.0
To Ann Woodo.4.0
To Widow Pilfold0.6.0
To Dame Streeter for doing for do.0.3.0

Dame Martin and Dame Trill drank tea with us. Thomas Davy sat with us a while in the evening… At home all day and very busy.

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