Sunday, October 31 1756

In the morning Fielder brought our herrings, and one hundred over for Mr Vine, but could get no pandles. I paid him for the 1100 herrings 33/-; viz., 16/6 the herring cost on the sea beach and 16/6 his charge of bringing, with Mr Vine’s. They were parted in the manner as under:

Mr Porter2130.5.0
Mr Coates2130.5.0
Mr Gibbs213o.5.0
Mr French2130.5.0
Mr John Vine640.1.6
Do Jr640.1.6
Mr Peckham960.2.3
R. Hook320.09
Joseph Fuller320.0.9
Joseph Durrant320.0.9
Thomas Fuller2130.5.0

Just as I was a-going to church, my brother Will came to see me, and he, my wife and self were at church in the morning… After churchtime I had a vestry called to consult again whether we should grant a certificate to James Simonds and Ann his wife and Ann his daughter, the man being here himself. It was unanimously agreed to grant them one to the parish of Chart Sutton in Kent, and I accordingly wrote by him to the churchwardens and overseers of the said parish to acquaint them of our owning him as an inhabitant until such time as his certificate can be signed. I received of him 4/- for the certificate.

We dined on a piece of boiled beef, bacon, suet pudding and turnips… My wife and maid alone at church in the afternoon. My brother and Thomas Davy drank tea with us. My brother stayed till about 8 o’clock, as did Thomas Davy till 10, to whom I read 2 of Tillotson’s sermons. Paid James Fuller 3/3 for 3 night-caps he bought at Mr Friend’s for me yesterday.

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