Thursday, October 21 1756

After breakfast I rode over to Framfield and from Framfield my brother and I went to Uckfield to make up Tester’s affair with Mr Thornton, but he was not at home. My brother and I stayed about an hour at Halland’s in expectation of his coming home, but, as we found he did not, we went back and dined at my mother’s…

I cut out 6 round frocks for my mother. I also saw Savage and talked to him about Tester’s affair, who told me he had left his orders with Mr Charles Thornton to make it up; so he had nothing more to say in it. After drinking of tea at my mother’s, my brother and I rode over to Uckfield where I met with Mr Thornton, to whom I offered to give any security that either I or the parish could make, payable at Easter next to Savage for Tester’s debt due to them, and also to pay him his fee, which is 13/4. But he could not take it, for he said the only way that Savage would make it up must be to pay all the money down and also all charges, which I told him I would never agree to; so, if he did not hear any more from me between this and Tuesday next, he should proceed in the prosecution.

My brother and I drank part of a bottle of beer at Mr Thornton’s, and then he went over to Halland’s and drank part of 3 half-pints of wine with us. I came back by Framfield, but did not get off my horse. Called at Mr French’s to tell him how I made out; stayed and smoked a pipe. After I came home, I went down to Jones’s with Master Hook to consult with him about distraining Dallaway. Spent there 2d. Spent at Uckfield 16d on the parish account and 2d on my own. Rec’d of my mother 8/- for 2 gallons of brandy. I must, I believe, drink nothing but water, for I find a glass or 2 of liquor makes me drunk, for today I could not get home sober; but I will once more try if I cannot live without being guilty of this vice.

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