Tuesday, October 19 1756

…Paid Mr Heaver 6/- for 1 bushel of oatmeal received today… Paid John Lewer in goods and money 16/- in full for 32 lbs of butter received from him today. About 4:30 I went down to Jones’s, according to notice given on Sunday of a vestry. Our company was as under: Mr Coates, who did not stay long; Mr Piper, Joseph Durrant, Ed Hope, Richard Hope and John Watford went away about 7 o’clock, but the reason was because they found if they stayed they must spend their own money and not the parish’s. Mr Jeremiah French, Mr John Vine, Mr Adams, Joseph Fuller, Mr Hutson and myself stayed till 11:40. We spent upon the parish account 3/6, which I paid, and we afterwards spent our 7d apiece. We agreed upon the following particulars; viz., to allow Dame Burrage ½ bushel flour per week; to allow Edward Babcock ½ cord wood and ¼ hundred faggots; and also to allow John Dan the same quantity. Also it was agreed to pay Tester’s debt by a majority of 5 or 6 voices. I borrowed of Mr French 18d. Mr French and Peter Adams laid 5/- each; Mr Adams laid Mr French [could] go to the parish church of Hellingly and there hear a sermon (to be preached by the Rev Mr John Stone) [but] that when he [came] from church he [could not] repeat the text, which Mr French laid he [could], naming the chapter and verse of the text, and also each particular word contained in the text. At home all the forenoon a-writing.

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