Tuesday, October 26 1756

In the morning carried down Mr Peter Adams’s bill, but he not being within I left him a note for the balance. After breakfast I sent 18 bushels apples by Smith’s team to Uckfield miller to make me some cider of, and 10 bushels they were to take at Halland… After dinner Mr Peter Adams called on me; I delivered to him his bill…and he has promised I shall have it in 14 days from this day.

My wife paid Mrs Atkins a visit in the afternoon and drank tea with her, but I was obliged to send for her home about 5:45 on account of my brother’s and Mr Soundy’s (servant to Humphrey of Horsham) coming to our house to treat with me about letting the shop at Framfield to the said Mr Soundy, who stayed at our house until near 7 o’clock. I went with them to Framfield and spent the evening there (my mother not being at home, having been at Mr Beard’s at Chailey ever since Sunday last). The gentleman, I think, seems to be about 26 years of age, born in the suburbs of London, also served his time in Southwark, and has lived journeyman in several places in London. [He has] made 1 voyage to our American plantations, the agreeableness of which he greatly extols. He seems to be a very sober person, and one who, I think, appears qualified to move in a higher sphere of action than keeping a little shop at Framfield. We did not go to bed until near 1 o’clock, Mr Soundy and I proposed going to Chailey tomorrow to talk with my mother. Laid at Framfield all night and went to bed sober.

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