Wednesday, October 27 1756

We breakfasted at Framfield, and about 10:10 Mr Soundy and I set out on our intended journey. We arrived at Chailey about 12:05 where, after talking to my mother about 40 minutes, Mr Soundy proceeded on his journey to Horsham. The proposals I made to him are as under:

To let him the shop with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging yearly, or for any term of years, for £8 a year; and for him to take the whole stock at the appraisement of 2 persons indifferently to be chosen betwixt him and my mother; and also for him to take all the fixtures, and to pay one half of the money down and the remaining at 6 months’ end, and to enter upon it at Lady Day next.

He has agreed to consider of it and let me know his further resolutions soon. I dined at Mr Beard’s on part of a leg of mutton hashed (but spoiled in doing), a pigeon pudding and cold plum pudding, but all in very bad order… Were I to speak my sentiments freely, I think Mr Beard seems not happy in his choice. And really Mrs Beard appears to me to be a very indifferent partner.

About 3:50 my mother and I came from Mr Beard’s, my mother riding behind me. We came to Framfield about 6:15 where I stayed about 30 minutes. I borrowed of my mother in cash £3, but gave her no note. My brother came with me (to have the mare home tomorrow) and spent the evening with me and stayed all night. I think I never came home with more pleasure in my life than tonight. Not that it proceeded from any material business I had done in my journey, but to find my wife well and also myself sober and not to have spent any money in my journey. Oh, the reflection is pleasure immense! My wife in my absence paid Mr John Gosling in cash 3.4.1½, being on account of the parish and for what is called jail money. Thomas Davy at our house about an hour in the evening, but I believe did not stay a-setting [long?] time.

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