Sunday, November 7 1756

In the morning Mr Darby made me a present of a pig, and I in return gave him about a pound of sugar, value 8d. About 9:45 my brother and sister came over. Dame Burrage breakfasted with us. My brother, sister, nephew and myself were at church in the forenoon…

I called a vestry, when it was agreed I should go and treat with Mr Burfield concerning Burrage’s rent. We dined on the pig (given us by Mr Darby) roasted, a piece of beef boiled, a plum rice pudding and turnips. My maid and nephew at church in the afternoon. My brother and sister went away about 5:40. At home all day. In the evening read 5 of Tillotson’s sermons. Master Piper smoked a pipe with us in the afternoon. I got Joseph Fuller to pay the poor, which he did, and I accordingly gave him the money before churchtime; viz., 22/-.

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