Thursday, November 4 1756

In the morning Mr Jeremiah French and I signed the certificate for James Simonds and Ann his wife and Ann his daughter to the parish of Chart Sutton in the County of Kent. It was dated, I think, the 15th September and attested today by Mr Will Piper and John Streeter Jr. I paid John Streeter l/- for the said certificate, being what I received of Simonds on Sunday last… About 2 o’clock my wife went down to Whyly to pay Mrs French a visit, and I drank tea at Mrs Weller’s and talked with her about my leaving the shop. About 6:30 I went down to walk home with my wife, I stayed until near 9 o’clock and had the good fortune to get away indifferently sober. While we were at Mr French’s, Mr Piper came to call Mrs French to his wife, who, it seems, had sent for the midwife and many more good women now–the poor old creature’s purse!

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