Saturday, December 11 1756

My brother came over in the forenoon. I received of him in cash 15/6, and 5/6 he paid Mr Davy, which is in full for the guinea I gave him yesterday. We dined on a piece of beef roasted in the oven and a batter pudding under it. In the evening I went down to Mr Porter’s and paid him…in full for the bill I received of him the 29th of November… for which I gave him my note of hand, which I now took up and burnt at Mr Porter’s in his and his wife’s presence. In the evening read 6 of Tillotson’s sermons. I this day received a letter from Mr Sewell wherein he informs me he has given over all thoughts of taking my or my mother’s shop. My brother brought me 6 whiting, which Mrs Roase sent my wife for a present.

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