Tuesday, December 21 1756

Paid Clymson the glover…14/3 in full for goods I received of him today… This being St Thomas’s day, I relieved the under-mentioned persons with one penny each:

1.Widow Hope18.Roger Vallow
2.John Streeter19.Will Starks
3.Widow Pilfold20.Thomas Dallaway
4.Dame Burrage21.Widow Cornwell
5.Richard Brazier22.Richard Vinal
6.Francis Turner23.Widow Cain
7.John Durrant24.Sarah Vinal
8.Will Henly25.Thomas Ling
9.James Emery26.John Dan
10.Lucy Mepham27.Widow Day
11.Sam Jenner28.William Eldridge
12.Thomas Tester29.Robert Baker
13.Thomas Heath30.Richard Till
14.Richard Heath31.Ed Babcock
15.Susan Swift32.Ann Wood
16.Richard Prall33.Widow Bristow
17.John Elless

…At home all day. In the evening read 4 of Tillotson’s sermons. Also in the evening John Watford here a-beating out of some apples for some cider; he supped with us.

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