Friday, January 28 1757

…In the afternoon posted my day book and wrote out Mr John Vine’s bill. Oh, what a melancholy and dull time it is. No business, nor can I get in my debts; and everything very dear; viz.,

Wheat7/- per bushelFat hogs2/3 per stone
Barley3/6 do.Beef2/- do.
Oats2/6 do.Mutton3d per lb and 3½d
Peas3/9 do.Cheese4 do.
White do.4/6 do.Cheshiredo. 5½ do.
B. Malt4/6 do.Butter6 do.
Pale do.5/- do.

What I shall do I cannot tell. I should never care how poor I lived in regard to eating and drinking if I could but make things keep in equilibrium, which I am afraid they cannot do as trade is so dull, and also as it has pleased the all-wise Disposer of all events to afflict us with sickness, and then the many losses which I have almost incessantly had, some undoubtedly by our own misconduct, and some that could not be prevented, which altogether must have greatly hurt me. However, I will make it my greatest endeavor to be content with that station which it shall please God to appoint for me, and if it be my fortune to be poor and low in the world (as I can have no other hopes), I will endeavor to meet my fortune with pleasure. For thou, O Lord, knowest what is best for me.

This evening, reading in Martin’s Magazine, I find the following particulars [about Kent, which he gives at length]…

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