Thursday, February 3 1757

At home all day but not busy… In the evening Thomas Davy here and supped with us. He and I played at cribbage; I won 12d. If any person should by accident or curiosity peruse my several memorandums he may think it somewhat odd and profuse or extravagant in me to entertain one person so often, which would undoubtedly be so, were there no reason for it, but I think there is. First he is a very sober man and one who has read a great deal, by which I oftentimes learn something. And then he is a man that is always ready and willing to do anything for me or to go anywhere for me and will never take anything for so doing; so that it is not altogether for the sake of company, but for the benefit of improvement and out of gratitude.

This day Mr Francis Elless and I agreed to take a fat hog of Mr Jeremiah French between us. We are to have it the 10th or 11th instant, alive, and to give 2/2 a stone. It is to weigh about 10 stone.

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